Health and Safety Update

by / Tuesday, 24 November 2020 / Published in News

This year has been a difficult one for our industry, this country and the world. Here at CJS the safety of our staff, workers, clients, visitors and anyone else we come into contact with, is, and has been, our main concern.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, CJS continues to monitor and implement Health And Safety measurements in line with the Government recommendations.

These measures include and are not limited to:
-Making available PPE options: gloves, workwear as well as washable& reusable face masks and anti-bacterial hand gels

-Frequent information & guidance about reducing the transmission of COVID-19 via the intranet, electronic communication & continuous dialogue.
-Providing a clear plan of action should any person become unwell at work, both in terms of their treatment & the steps required to protect their colleagues.
-Introducing effective workplace social distancing methods, in line with the Government guidelines.